• Annual Mycoremediation Workshop - July 22-23, 2017

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    9-3 SAT/SUN - This intensive two-day course will give participants the skill level they will need to provide mycoremediation services or community consultation for devastated habitats around residential sites, farms, commercial properties, and common public areas. in cities. Learn how to scale from pilot studies to installation, from making models and prototypes to larger mycoremediation units, different methods of testing soil and water samples, and much more. Participants are encouraged to benefit from attending our Mushroom Cultivation Workshop as a prerequisite to build a basic platform of knowledge necessary for this intensive program (fungal ecology, biomass generation).

    Attendees will learn:
    • Biomass generation and expansion techniques
    • Site Analysis and Project Engineering
    • Species Selection and Sequencing
    • Mushroom Collecting techniques for strain selection
    • Hybrid Plant and Fungal Systems
    • Biological Filtration: E.Coli, Malaria, Salmonella, etc
    • Chemical Filtration: Hydrocarbons (oil, fuels), PCBs, Chlorinated compounds
    • Pesticides
    • Heavy Metal Filtration, Collection and Disposal
    • Habitat Restoration techniques ( Soil building, Native wildlife rehabilitation)
    • Bean and Worm Assays
    • Field trip to nearby remediation project for site analysis, observations, and data collection