Cultivating Edible Mushrooms Holiday Gift Mini-Workshop - Dec 3, 2016

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Need a unique present this year for the holiday?

This season, give a gift of a mushroom fruiting kit to your family and friends, plus learn how to cultivate mushrooms at the same time! Cultivating edible mushrooms like shiitake and oysters is easy and fun. In just two hours you can learn how to plug your own logs, and make straw fruiting kits.

The price includes instruction by our own Joel Myers, and a fruiting kit or a log, all additional kits are $10.00 each. Now where else can you get an awesome present for only $10.00! The shiitake logs fruit for up to 5 years, and the oyster kits up to 5 times. When you sign up, you will get a confirmation email, followed by an email from Olga with directions to the farm.