• Turkey Tail Plugs - (Trametes versicolor)

    Turkey Tail is a mushroom that grows on hardwood, has beautiful multicolored zones and it is very easy to identify. Although not directly edible due to its tough texture, they can be made into a powder and boiled or made into a tincture when covered with ethanol for 2 weeks, then diluted or boiled to remove the alcohol. Contains a cancer therapy drug sold under the name Krestin, PSK that has recently gained approval by the FDA for adjunct cancer therapy due to its lack of toxicity while modulating and improving immune function during chemotherapy. Approximately 100 plugs by weight.
    Edibility and taste: Tough, but sweet, better powdered.
    Grows on: Hardwood and other logs: lder, ash, aspen, beech, birch, chestnut, elm, eucalyptus, hickory, honey locust, maple, oak, plum, poplar, sweetgum, douglas fir, fir, pinon pine, spruce, pecan, walnut, ironwood, cherry
    Fruiting Temps: 70F - Wild fruiting typically late summer and persisting all winter.
    Availability: Year-round