Lions Mane “Pom Pom” – (Hericium erinaceus)

A mushroom that tastes like YES crabmeat! Hericium fruit have spines, not gills, and can be found fruiting on a variety of hardwood trees. Nearly identical in appearance and flavor to other Lion’s Manes, this slight species variation differs from H. americanum in that this species forms a perfect singular ball of spines.Tearing this mushroom … Read more

Iceman Polypore – (Fomes fomentarius)

One of the tinder mushrooms found in “Otzi the Iceman”s possessions, cloned from a native specimen right here in the Southeastern US. This beautiful polypore has been used for centuries to fight bacterial and viral infections, and can also be used to transport fire, as it tends to smolder a long time. Grows best on … Read more

Mycomatrix Gets A Makeover

Two years after Mushroom Mountain released high quality liquid mushroom extracts, it was time to upgrade the artwork and finalize a cohesive design that will soon be adding more products into the MYCOMATRIX lineup. It all started when Olga released her amazing Elderberry Reishi Extract, which I carry around on the road since I travel … Read more

Enoki “Velvet Foot” – (Flammulina velutipes)

Enoki mushrooms, known mostly in Asia for it’s reported anti-cancer properties, are commonly added raw to hot soups. This one also is excellent sauteed lightly and mixed into salads. When grown in darkness and low light they resemble the commercial form, long and white albino mushrooms form. When grown outdoors under wild conditions the normal … Read more

Jack O’Lantern – (Omphalotus olearius)

Jack O Lanterns are bioluminescent mushrooms that possess the ability to produce Luciferase, a enzyme responsible for the glowing gills, which is an ATP / Phosporylation pathway. This pathway can be useful for studying the effects of chemical pollutants, organophosphate runoff from herbicides and fertilizers, and other naturally or man-made compounds. We use this mushroom … Read more

Hairy Panus – (Panus lacomtei)

This beautiful, fuzzy little Panus colonizes hardwood sawdust and chips and is also a sun-tolerant species for full sun applications where shade is a limiting factor. Recent studies from Brazil have shown very high activity and inhibition of Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite responsible for Chagas Disease, killing approximately 20,000 of the infected individuals in tropical … Read more

Glowing Panellus – (Panellus stipticus)

A small, luminescent, gilled mushroom native to the US mostly found on the East Coast on deciduous hardwood logs and stumps. The gills of Glowing Panellus glow brightly in complete darkness. A great conversation mushroom, for educational trails demonstrating bioluminescence. Not edible, this small mushroom can also dry out and rehydrate repeatedly between rainfall, and … Read more

Birch Polypore “Blue Ridge” – (Piptoporus betulinus)

A firm, corky, hoof-shaped bracket mushroom, this unique fungus has shown strong antibacterial activity, making it a good candidate for making powders and extracts for tinctures. Traditionally used as a medicinal mushroom, this strain of the Iceman Polypore was isolated from a prolific fruiting in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The mushroom is typically not consumed, … Read more