How Do I Register and Attend a Blue Portal Session?

STEP 1 – REGISTER FOR SESSION: INTERVIEWS AND MEDICAL SCREENING ($100 Non-refundable fee) Immediately following your registration you will be contacted by The Blue Portal and Source Farm staff for a brief phone or skype interview to discuss the experience, review your medical history, and to understand the expectations from all parties involved, including intentions, Source Farm behavioral guidelines and prohibitions, along with more personal questions about your interest to receive a facilitated psilocybin session. After the you have been approved, you may register online for your trip, so dates are secured and you may book a flight using the guidelines for transportation in Step 2. Your interviewing agent will discuss ideal travel options for you to arrange. Please email your application to Tradd Cotter at [email protected].

STEP 2 – TRAVEL – CHOOSING FLIGHTS TO COINCIDE WITH TRANSPORT AND PASSPORT/CUSTOMS INFORMATION – Your arrival destination is in Kingston, Jamaica at the Norman Manley International Airport code (KIN). To avoid long waits or pickup times the transport to Source Farm will be available for flights arriving between 6:30pm and 8pm on your registration start date. Driver will greet you just outside of customs exit (LOOK FOR THE BLUE PORTAL LOGO AND YOUR NAME). Snacks and drinks are provided in your approximate 1 hour transport time to Source Farm. Make sure you have a valid passport that does not expire during your stay. Additional information about your arrival and stay will be emailed to you prior to your departure, tips and hints for navigating customs, and items you should bring to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. The last day of your registration is your early morning departure. The shuttle will leave Source at 5am to Kingston airport. The best return flights are early morning between 7:30 and 9am. If you wish for private transport outside of our shuttle windows, there will be an additional cost.

STEP 3 – ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE! Once the interviews are complete and your flight is booked, we look forward to your all inclusive stay at the Source Farm to experience The Blue Portal!

Cancellation Policy: 50% Refund if cancelled within 14 days of scheduled visit. 25% refunds if cancelled within 7 days before the arrival.