Mushroom Mountain’s First Blue Portal has Opened in Jamaica!

See You There Mon!

I never thought I would see the day where Mushroom Mountain would be able to become involved with the paradigm shift in helping people, both healthy and in need of some alternative therapy, with Psilocybin mediated sessions. Psilocybin treatments at a number of universities (John Hopkins and New York University) have overwhelming evidence in the form of published peer reviewed scientific journals, that Psilocybin mediated sessions can lead to long term changes in battling chemical addictions such as smoking and alcoholism, to anxiety and depression which is the root cause of many conditions that have created a multi-billion dollar industry where antidepressants are the #1 prescribed drug in the United States. That’s right, life is so good in the land of the free that depression is also causing other conditions to fester on top which can evolve into physical diseases.

The poetic thing about Psilocybin is that it turns off our Default Mode Network (DMN) which is a autonomous self-operating system that is hard to temporarily dissolve without deep meditation or psychedelic journeys. To give it an easier analogy, its like being able to hit the reset button in your brain, the CLT on your keyboard, that allows you to delete or back out of an unwanted situation, pretty amazing. So you need to know the story how this opportunity for us came to be and also where it is headed, so sit back, relax, float downstream, and welcome to the Blue Portal.

Two years ago I was asked by permaculture missionary Chuck Marsh from Useful Plants Nursery who had been working abroad in several countries, to visit Jamaica under the USAID Farmer to Farmer program to teach about mushroom cultivation. During my first visit, the itinerary was strenuous, they had me teaching workshops every day at stops in Eastern Jamaica, from Kingston to Johns Town, to remote locations such as Rockbrook. The workshops were some of the most attended in the program history on the island. The sold-out classes had people pleading to come, which is a tale-telling sign of the extreme interest in growing mushrooms on the island. Since most mushrooms are imported into Jamaica, there was an immediate need for production, jobs, and developing a new agricultural commodity.

The organizers on the island for the program, Source Farm, was home base for me and several workshops were given there. During one particular session on medicinal properties of mushrooms I breezed quickly over a few slides of Psilocybin and how beneficial it could be if only it weren’t illegal, and that people can be given doses under careful watch by a guardian mediator for a large number of conditions. Several people stopped me in my tracks during the slides and said, “This is very interesting and we would like to do this here.” I said “Are you sure? That would be great but what are the laws?” The response was unanimous, there wasn’t any laws that prohibited the use of psilocybin. I was shocked, excited, and so the lecture I had planned changed to something more magical…let’s do this.

It was right about then when Michael Pollan’s highly acclaimed book, How to Change Your Mind was released, FULL of information about the historical use, his personal treatments that he explored as part of his investigational writing, and interviews with some of the worlds leading psychedelic researchers. Interest spiked, but in the US it remains illegal to possess or cultivate, although there is a huge underground cash business that will remain. Some companies are lobbying to legalize synthetic psilocybin ($7000 a pill). Is synthetic what you really want? It is also a means of controlling the price of healing by companies funded by billionaires and pharmaceutical investors. Currently in the US and the majority of all countries worldwide, there isn’t any dedicated treatment center you can check into with the experienced staff, one on one guides to counsel, administer the correct dosage, and who debriefs, performs reintegration meetings, and follow up calls to check on the well being of the visitors…until now. After receiving our attorney letters seal of approval from the Jamaican government, we decided to partner with the Source Farm to open a mushroom spawn lab and begin the process of opening the Blue Portal!

Where is the Blue Portal, or maybe I should say, where are the Blue Portals?

We currently have one main location open accepting week-long reservations at The Source Farm, our home base in Jamaica since it is also where Mushroom Mountain has partnered with Source to expand laboratory and research operations in Jamaica and the surrounding Caribbean islands. Blue Mountain Mushrooms was created to honor the nearby national forest, which is teaming with fungal activity. The synergy of the laboratory producing spawn for island growers, cultivating psilocybin mushrooms using organic methods, the beautiful property is nestled in the hills overlooking the ocean. Source Farm is an organic farm and all the meals prepared are included and amazing! The large property includes a trail down to a small waterfall and creek, where you can sit in the cool pool and relax. There are no TVs there which is what a weeklong focus with Psilocybin is needed to maximize the effects of visitors seeking to self-heal. You can even learn how to grow mushrooms and microdose while you are there! From pickup to drop off back at the airport this stay is all inclusive and includes an expedition day to some amazing waterfalls and beach. The complete description of this venue is listed here.

A second location in Ocho Rios, on the mid/northeast side of Jamaica is being finalized in a few weeks and could be open by early summer (June). This location would be perfect for visitors with limited time or for conditions that are minor or where the intention would be for creativity and life enhancement. Minimum stay would be three days, two nights, where arrival date would include orientation and intention counseling, day two would be the session, and morning of the third day would be counseling and reintegration. A shorter, “outpatient” option may work best for those who do not have a week to spend, whose conditions were to just maybe calibrate the mind, and head back to reality adjusted. You can stay as long as a week to receive additional treatments. This location also works well with family travelling together, Ocho Rios is a major tourist hub with a lot of things to do, if one were to want to visit the center for three days and reconnect with family back in town when the session is over, sounds like a plan to me! If you need the more remote isolation and focus to heal for the long term choose the Source Farm reservation options…

Why the Blue Portal

There are a few Psilocybin mediated sessions available worldwide, not only are there not enough, they are all different in their respect to how they receive and guide their visitors throughout the journey. Since I do not want to mention any others, I will simply state how The Blue Portal is different so you may compare them all in your own investigations. Expect more Blue Portals to open worldwide as our network grows.

Group versus Single Mediated Sessions

One of the main distinguishing features of Blue Portal is the one-on-one mediated session with a guide present for harm reduction and emotional support. The architecture of the session, or protocol, can be changed if discussed in advance, such as indoors versus outdoors, however
we recommend a high dose with eye shades and some calm relaxing music on a comfortable bed since the effects can make legs not work so well for a few hours! Guides are there in case you need to ask questions, if there are fearful moments, or if a bathroom break is needed. Guides are instructed not to channel your visions but to offer suggestions and nudge you towards the solutions and to not be afraid. Many centers currently in operation around the world employ strategies of group sessions or sessions where the mediator is also using Psilocybin, this is not our policy. It’s an honor to have this opportunity to announce the following press release.

Recording Session Optional and Recommended!

Visitors have the option of having their session audio recorded, for playback later, which can make for a reinforcing tool. The sessions are long with many spontaneous moments of emotion and descriptive visions uttered so quickly that the guide cannot possibly take that many notes. The audio recording is available to the attendees and the cost is included in the session. The recording also help see the stages of the session and how it evolves with highs and lows, and the verbal problem solving or uttering of reassurance from you and the guide, highly recommended and we are the only center recording sessions for our visitors.

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7 thoughts on “Mushroom Mountain’s First Blue Portal has Opened in Jamaica!”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve read a little bit about Blue Portal, your involvement and I’m very interested in beginning the process for spending some time in Jamaica! Would you please send me the complete information on arranging a visit?

  2. Greetings- I have heard of Blue Portal through my good friend Mushroom Mark. I have some experience with psilocybin and would like to attend an upcoming retreat. Kindly add my name to your distribution list.

    Thank you

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