Division of Environmental Enhancement (DEE)

photo credit Daniel Reyes



Whether you want to restore degraded land to be safe and fertile, or you want to make a nice piece of land even more beautiful and vibrant, working with fungi, plants and microorganisms can increase the fertility, resilience and abundance of your landscape.

There are a variety of ways that we can leverage the biology of the natural world to improve our surroundings and tackles modern setbacks to environmental health. The Division of Environmental Enhancement specializes in developing and tailoring methods to support the unique land management challenges that we face in today’s world.

In addition to providing consulting, advising and application of biologically based land enhancement, we offer educational opportunities to improve our communities’ understanding of the nuances of working with nature and also conduct research in collaboration with various institution to increase our collective understanding of the mechanisms and consequences of working with living organisms to improve the environment around us.

Who We Are

Tradd Cotter – President & Overseer of Operations
Leif Olson – East Coast Operations Manager, Administration and Inquiries
Daniel Reyes – Southwest Operations Manager
Danielle Stevenson – West Coast Operations Manager