• Ambrosia Maple Wooden Bowl


    Created by a local wood artist Bill Bearss. It measures almost 10 inches in width and almost 3 inches in height.

    Ambrosia beetles are small (usually less than 0.2 inch (5 mm) long), cylindrical, and reddish to dark brown. They bore directly into the wood of recently cut logs or damaged areas of limbs and tree trunks, for example, old tap holes. Ambrosia beetles do not kill trees or prevent them from recovering from stress, but their presence indicates physical damage or severe tree stress.

    The adults and white grub-like larvae do not eat wood. Rather, they feed on a fungus (“ambrosia”) that grows in the tunnels. Fungus spores are carried by the beetles and introduced into the wood during tunnel construction. As the fungus grows, it discolors or stains the wood immediately adjacent to the tunnel (Fig. 63). In some instances, the wood is stained for several inches (several centimeters) above and below the tunnel.