Birch Polypore "Blue Ridge" Plug Spawn - (Piptoporus betulinus)


A firm, corky, hoof-shaped bracket mushroom, this unique fungus has shown strong antibacterial activity, making it a good candidate for making powders and extracts for tinctures. Traditionally used as a medicinal mushroom, this strain of the Iceman Polypore was isolated from a prolific fruiting in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The mushroom is typically not consumed, and bitter, but it can also be sliced thin and used for making primitive antibiotic strips to apply to wounds to stop bleeding or powdered and made into a tincture. A wonderful addition to your medicinal mushroom garden. Prefers and is suspected to exclusively fruit on birch, it is a slow growing mushroom but worth the wait! Natural cancer fighting molecules and parasiticidal properties. Approximately 100 plugs by weight.

Edibility and Taste: Bitter and Tough. Best powdered and made into extracts
Grows On: Birch
Fruiting Temps: 45-65F is ideal, but this slow grower can tolerate most temperatures and will regulate its growth when ideal
Availability: Year Round

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