Bulk Sawdust Spawn - 6


We are excited to announce that we are now able to ship spawn worldwide. If you are ordering spawn from a different country other than United States, before you place an order, please check with your plant quarantine at the department of agriculture about what species of mushroom spawn you are able to import into your country. This also goes for United States Territories: US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

DISCLAIMER: Mushroom Mountain is not liable for lost or returned packages.

Purchase bulk sawdust spawn at a discount ($17 each, save $30!) when you order a box of 6.

You can pick and choose ANY strains listed as individual bags you would like, but please email or call with availability if needing immediate shipment just in case numbers are low or during the busy season.

When choosing your species, please don't forget to tell us which in space above.

Sawdust is supplemented with bran and grain, to ensure a rapid leap-off. Many strains can be stored cool or under refrigeration for months, so this box is perfect for small commercial growers needing spawn on a regular basis. Cases can be preordered or set up for weekly shipment to maintain strain quality and freshness without compromising your cooler space with bulk spawn.

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