Cauliflower Mushroom - (Sparassis crispa) Sawdust Spawn - 5lb


We are excited to announce that we are now able to ship spawn worldwide. If you are ordering spawn from a different country other than United States, before you place an order, please check with your plant quarantine at the department of agriculture about what species of mushroom spawn you are able to import into your country. This also goes for United States Territories: US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

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Cauliflower mushrooms are a wonderful edible mushroom that resembles a “brain coral” or pile of egg noodles massed together. A pine-loving species, Cauliflower mushrooms are potently fragrant, crispy and crunchy in texture. A great way to remediate pine forests after clear cuts or intensive logging, this mushroom prefers to grow from inoculated logs or rounds that have been buried, or on fresh pine stumps, promoting stump decomposition, soil creation, and habitat renewal with the benefit of a great tasting edible mushroom! Tradd prefers to saute this mushroom in oil and mix it into a chicken casserole, or dunking slices of the mushroom into egg, breading and baking it until brown and crunchy. Appr. weight: 5 lb.

Edibility and taste: Fragrant and Spicy
Grows on: Conifer Stumps or buried Rounds
Fruiting Temps: 50-70F
Availability: Year-Round

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