• Collecting and Cultivating Cordyceps Mushrooms and Entomopathogens July 7-8, 2018

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    Interested in hunting for wild Cordyceps and learning how to grow a few medicinal species? Got a farm and wish there was something that could replace those chemical pesticides that wasn’t so damaging to the environment? This two day immersion class with Tradd Cotter and Spencer Jungclaus covers everything from collecting and identifying common Cordyceps species to cultivating the fruiting bodies to make medicinal products, and maintaining entomopathogens for using as Mycopesticides on your own farm. 

    Day 1 - Attendees bring lunch

     - Cordyceps Foray - Hunting, Identifying and preserving Cordyceps fungi for cultures (Trails in Upstate SC)

    Day 2 - Lunch Provided

    - Lab Tissue Culture of entomopathogens

    - Spawn generation for entomopathogens 

    - Creating Mycopesticides from Spawn

    - Fruiting Cordyceps militaris at home and commercially

    Cordyceps fungi are potent adaptogenic fungi that improve both human and animal health by interrupting viral replication cycles, improving oxygen intake and energy production, while also inducing cell death in cancer cell lines. 

    The demand for Cordyceps on a personal level to commercial need is increasing, and the cultivation of the species Cordyceps militaris, native to eastern United States and quite common in and around the Appalachian mountains where Mushroom Mountain calls home! 

    Mushroom Mountain is pioneering the cultivation of Mushrooms and other fungi in North America, with over 250 strains of mostly native fungi, including an impressive collection of Cordyceps and entomopathogens.