• Oyster "Golden" Plugs - (Pleurotus citrinopileatus)

    One of our most beautiful oyster species, this warm weather strain is VERY FRAGILE when mature. They resemble a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers, smell like fresh watermelon, and taste like roasted cashews when you saute them in oil! An excellent gourmet mushroom for local food markets since this one does not ship well over long distances. (Optimum fruiting temperatures fall in between 75-90F. Log cultivation is not recommended in cold climates since this strain may not overwinter. We recommend fruiting this strain on pasteurized wheat straw and cotton hulls. when others are going dormant in the extreme heat of the summer. Typically fruit in 2-3 weeks indoors on straw, unfortunately it is not a heavy yielder, however this is one of our best selling mushrooms at the market, since they don't weigh much we typically charge $20 per pound for these beauties and sell out in one hour! Approximately 100 plugs by weight.
    Edibility and taste: Sweet and nutty
    Grows on: Hardwood Logs: alder, ash, aspen, beech, birch, elm, maple, oak, sweetgum, box elder, cottonwood, willow, ailanthus, tulip poplar
    Fruiting Temps: 75-90F
    Availability: April-September