Mushroom Essences


Mushroom Essences is a comprehensive introduction to using the essences of mushrooms and other fungi as a form of subtle body medicine that treats body, heart, and soul. While flower essences are frequently used by alternative health practitioners, mushroom essences are not widely known. Flower essences represent solar energy and bring light into darkness; mushrooms represent the underworld, and are lunar, dark, and mysterious. Like all manner of living beings, they express energetic fields, which can be captured and used in clinical and private psychological work. Because no physical substance of the mushroom remains, they can do no harm. But in the hands of a skilled practitioner, mushroom essences can help peel away the steely bars of long-held emotional and mental imprisonment. 

In this book, Robert Dale Rogers, a professional herbalist and author of The Fungal Pharmacy, provides a guide to extracting and using mushroom essences for a variety of ailments. Rogers delves into the spiritual and psychological connections that can be forged through the use of fungi as medicine, emphasizing the role of self-care and self-knowledge in the healing process. He provides informative and detailed descriptions of 48 important mushroom essences, as well as directions on how to capture and use each one. Organized as an alphabetical reference guide, each entry explains the essence and effects of a particular mushroom or lichen, accompanied by persuasive case studies. 

Mushroom Essences is an excellent resource for those interested in alternative and energetic healing practices, especially flower essences, as well as for mushroom enthusiasts who are interested in the healing properties of fungi. Contents Introduction- What Are Mushroom Essences? The Journey Of Discovering Mushroom Essences The Fungal-Chemical Process How To Prepare And Use Mushroom Essences The Mushroom Essences Polyporaceae Basidiomycetes Gasteromycetes Tremellales Ascomycetes Lichens Bryophytes Indications References Resources

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