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Pure cultures for home hobbyists with small labs or commercial farms needing a new strain, Mushroom Mountain now offers sterile test tube slants (50 ml centrifuge tubes) of our select mushroom strains at the generation number, G-5 or lower, for cultivation or research.

Tubes are 50mL plastic sterile centrifuge tubes with a twist cap, contain 25ml of malt extract agar and an antibiotic to limit bacterial growth during storage. The slants are made to order weekly and shipped after allowing them to colonize for one week at 28 degrees C.

All slants are marked with waterproof labels noting strain, generation numbers, and storage media, parafilmed around the screw cap, and ziplocked for shipment. Tubes are delivered in a 1”insulated foam box that contains a pharmaceutical cold dry pack to limit condensation while maintaining cool temperatures during transport in warmer months. Tropical species and winter shipments will not be shipped with a cold pack, rather using the insulation as a means of protection from freezing.

These tubes, if maintained under refrigeration, can last several years before you need a replacement. Tradd’s new book, Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation has a complete chapter on laboratory techniques to help you make the most of these pure cultures.

  • ABISP1-Agaricus bisporus-Commercial Strain-USA
  • ABRA1-Agaricus subrufescens-Wild Type-Florida
  • AAEG-Agrocybe aegerita-Commercial Strain-USA
  • CNUDA1-Clitocybe nuda-Fall Wild Type-South Carolina
  • CCOM1-Coprinus comatus-Wild Type-Virginia
  • FHEP1-Fistulina hepatica-Wild Type-Pink Peds-North Carolina
  • FFOM1-Fomes Fomentarius-Wild Type-Pink Beds- North Carolina
  • GCUR2 - Red Reishi
  • GCURT1-Ganoderma curtisii-Wild Type-Clemson-South Carolina
  • GTSUG-Ganoderma tsugae-Wild Type-Virginia
  • GFRO1-Grifola frondosa-Wild Type-Clemson-South Carolina
  • GFRO2-Grifola frondosa-Commercial-USA
  • HERI1-Hericium americanum-Wild Type-Pink Beds-North Carolina
  • HERI2-Hericium erinaceus-Wild Type-Liberty-South Carolina
  • HCOR1-Hericium ramosum-Wild Type-Pink Beds-North Carolina
  • LSUL2-Laetiporous sulphureus/semialbinus-Wild Type-Pennsylvania
  • LSUL3-Laetiporous sulphureus/semialbinus-Wild Type-Palmetto Bluff
  • LSUL4-Laetiporous sulphureus/semialbinus-Wild Type-Hartwell-Georgia
  • FOFF1-Laricifomes=Fomitopsis-officinale-Wild Type-Oregon
  • LDET-L. edodes-wild type-Hendersonville-NC-Wild NC
  • LEDO1-L. edodes-Commercial-USA-Commercial Indoors
  • LEDO2-L. edodes-Commercial-USA-WR
  • LEDO3-L. edodes-Commercial-USA-warm
  • LEDO4-L. edodes-Commercial-USA-cold
  • LEDO5-L. edodes-Commercial-Israel-WC-826
  • LEDO6-L. edodes-Commercial-Israel-WC-1000
  • MPROC1-Amerilepiota procera-Wild Type-Lake Keowee-South Carolina
  • MDEL3-Morchella deliciosa-Wild Type-Liberty-South Carolina
  • MESC1-Morchella esculenta-Wild Type-South Carolina
  • OOLEA-Omphalotus olearius-Wild Type-Clemson-SC
  • ISARIA-Paecilomyces farinosa-Wild Type-Pink Beds-North Carolina
  • PNAM-Pholiota nameko-Commercial Strain-Japan
  • PBET-Piptoporous betulina-wild Type-Pink Beds-NC
  • PCIT1-Pleurotus citrinopileatus-Commercial-Japan
  • PDJA1-Pleurotus djamor-Commercial-Japan
  • PERY1-Pleurotus eryngii-Commercial-South Korea
  • POST5-Pleurotus ostreatus-Wild Type-Pickens-SC
  • POST2-Pleurotus ostreatus-Commercial-USA-cold
  • POST1-Pleurotus ostreatus-Commercial-USA-warm
  • PPULM-Pleurotus pulmonarius-WildType-Oconee-SC
  • SRUG1-Stropharia rugoso-annulata-Wild Type-Clemson-SC
  • TVERS1-Trametes versicolor-Wild Type-Liberty-SC
  • VVOL1-Volvariella volvacea-Puerto Rico-USA

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