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Slippery Jack(al)

Jack Mason, also known as Slippery Jack(al), brings joy and creativity to our office with his humor, art, and love for learning new things, like all-things-mushrooms and Croatian phrases. During the month of April, Slippery Jack(al) will be sharing some of his wonder, wit, talents, and insights on Mushroom Mountain’s social media pages. Don’t miss

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Employee Spotlight: The Marvelous Megan Deaton

The month of March brought a ray of light to Mushroom Mountain with the extended stay of remote employee, Megan Deaton. Megan lives on and manages her 40-acre farm in Colorado, operates her business (Megan’s Mushrooms), and handles wholesale operations for Mushroom Mountain.  Megan arrived just in time for the Organic Grower’s School Conference in

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Barry’s Candy Cap Crème Brûlée

At Mushroom Mountain, we LOVE Barry! He makes espresso, charcuterie boards, and other tasty treats for us on the regular. Barry shared his kitchen wizard love with us on Valentine’s Day with his Candy Cap Crème Brûlée. Here’s the recipe! Barry’s Candy Cap Crème Brûlée Ingredients: 1 qt heavy cream 8 egg yolks 1 cup

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How to Cultivate Shiitake Mushrooms

How to Cultivate Shiitake Mushrooms by Jack Mason There are a few different ways of cultivating shiitake mushrooms. However, the most efficient method of cultivation is to grow the mushrooms from plug spawn (from logs). Purchase mushroom plug spawn here. Before you get started with cultivating shiitake mushrooms, you need to consider what kind of

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Learn to Grow Your Own Mushrooms!

Learn to Grow Your Own Mushrooms! Self-sustainability: food, medicine, money. These are the anchors that Mushroom Mountain employee, Brandon Owen, highlights while discussing his upcoming workshop: Fundamentals of Advanced Indoor Mushroom Growing. “The stuff that I want to teach the people in the course, they’ll be able to pivot any direction they want to,” Brandon

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Which Oyster Mushroom Should I Choose to Cultivate and Other Useful Facts

Oyster mushrooms, scientifically known as Pleurotus spp. are delicious, full of flavor and considered a medicinal food. There are so many awesome varieties, and they all have a difference in taste, smell and consistency. There are around 202 edible species within the pleurotus family, with Pearl oysters being the most common in North America. Having

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Plug Spawn

Log Mushroom Cultivation Troubleshooting Guide

20 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cultivating Mushrooms on Logs Growing mushrooms on logs is very rewarding. What’s better than having home grown mushrooms in your yard? They can’t get any fresher than that. However, growing mushrooms can come with its own subset of problems. Check out this troubleshooting write up about the most common

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Growing Blewit Mushrooms in Your Garden or on Your Patio

Blewits (Clitocybe nuda = Lepista nuda) are lilac to purple mushrooms that can be found fruiting during the fall and winter months. They like a heavy frost or freeze to initiate fruiting, for this reason blewits will not fruit in tropical climates. They taste mild and silky, and are best sliced and seared before adding

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Growing the Giant Milky – Calocybe indica

Growing Calocybe indica, the Giant Milky The Giant Milky (Calocybe indica) is a beautiful, edible mushroom from tropical climates grown in India, Vietnam and equatorial regions year-round. This gourmet and medicinal species can be grown in temperate climates for a few months out of the year either outdoors or in greenhouses to extend the warm

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How to Grow Paddy Straw Mushrooms – Volvariella volvacea

A Great Tasting and Prized Edible Paddy straw mushroom is a native species to East Asia, and it is very popular in Asian cuisine. It is a truly a tropical mushroom, and perfect for intense summer heat. You can grow it seasonally if you have a few weeks or months when nothing else will grow! 

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Cooking with Wild Mushrooms

When you are in the woods foraging, you are not really just looking for mushrooms, you are away from the daily grind, not really thinking about anything else but enjoying the nature and the wildness of it. No wonder the Japanese prescribe “Forest Bathing” as a form of mental care. The woods act on you

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