Mushroom Trail

Come visit our Mushroom Trail at the farm! It is planted up with many different species of fungi, wild and cultivated. Learn about what the mushrooms look like, their edibility and uses, when they fruit, and how to cultivate most of them.

This is a self guided Mushroom Trail, and there is a fee of $2 per person to walk the trail. If you are visiting mushroom mountain for a Farm Tour there is no fee to walk the trail.

Hope to see you at the farm soon!

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The Mushroom Trail at Mushroom Mountain
Stropharia Clitocybe Lepiota Bioluminescent Fungi Hypholoma Flammulina Agrocybe Jelly Fungi Crust and Carbon Fungi Lentinus Agaricus Coprinus Pleurotus Macrocybe Dye Mushrooms Pholiota Volvariella Hericium Polypores Laetiporus Fistulina Trametes and Brackets Grifola Fomes and Fomitposis Piptoporus Morcehella and Cup Fungi Ganoderma Sparassis Lentinula Cordyceps Stinkhorns Puffballs and Earth Stars