Wholesale Fruiting Kits

Our new Fruiting Kits with beautiful retail packaging are available for wholesale! 

The new uniform boxes allow for visual merchandising while the live grow kits themselves can be stored in the fridge for optimum shelf life and in turn the highest success for the customer.

The specialty mushroom industry is currently expanding as more consumers look for healthier and more nutritious food options. These kits have already been highly successful in garden centers, health stores, natural grocers and specialty gift shops. If you have customers that are invested in their own health and wellness or in growing their own food as medicine, then these kits will quickly become one of your best sellers.

Through years of research, observation & refinement, our aim has been to achieve harmony with nature with recreating mushroom grow kits that deliver their natural essence and health benefits in a sustainable way. Our kits are made with bio-degradable cardboard, compostable substrate and bio-degradable plastic bags.
Crafted at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our mushroom kits are certified organic by Clemson University in partnership with the USDA.
For pricing please contact:
MEGAN DEATON – Wholesale Division
Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm EST