Barry’s Candy Cap Crème Brûlée

 At Mushroom Mountain, we LOVE Barry! He makes espresso, charcuterie boards, and other tasty treats for us on the regular. Barry shared his kitchen wizard love with us on Valentine’s Day with his Candy Cap Crème Brûlée. Here’s the recipe!

Barry’s Candy Cap Crème Brûlée


1 qt heavy cream

8 egg yolks

1 cup white sugar

14g or ½ oz dried candy cap mushrooms (roughly chopped)

½ tsp vanilla extract


8 ramekins

Propane torch

Deep-walled baking pan

Candy thermometer (optional but helpful)

Bring cream and mushrooms to a low simmer and hold around 160°F for 1 hour. 

 While the cream is simmering, whisk eggs and sugar together until they are airy in consistency and lighter in color.

 Sieve mushrooms and cream to separate. Temper egg mixture with hot cream by stirring in slowly. 

 Pour mixture into ramekins and place ramekins in baking pan. Fill pan with boiling water halfway up the ramekins.

 Bake at 310°F for 40 minutes.

 Remove ramekins from the baking pan and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Your custard is ready to brûlée! 

 Sprinkle a thin layer of sugar (Barry uses vanilla-infused sugar…yum) on top of the custard and use the torch to brûlée until sugar melts into a caramel brown layer.

 Tip from Barry: The custard will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Brûlée only when ready to eat. Share with friends 🙂

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