Learn to Grow Your Own Mushrooms!

Learn to Grow Your Own Mushrooms!

Self-sustainability: food, medicine, money. These are the anchors that Mushroom Mountain employee, Brandon Owen, highlights while discussing his upcoming workshop: Fundamentals of Advanced Indoor Mushroom Growing. “The stuff that I want to teach the people in the course, they’ll be able to pivot any direction they want to,” Brandon shares with enthusiasm. “There’s still a lot to be discovered with mushrooms, so the more an individual knows how to do themselves the more power they have. Knowing the front-end of cultivation is essential; it provides the keys to the kingdom.” 

Don’t be fooled by the April Fools’ Day date, this workshop is a serious course in developing vital mushroom cultivation skills. Brandon started a plant-based diet 5 years ago and began using mushrooms as a substitute for meat. With the knowledge and skills to cultivate mushrooms (as well as identify edible mushrooms in the wild), he is able to source much of his own food. “I’m huge on self-sustainability, the more we can do for ourselves the less we depend on others for food and medicine. Mushrooms, being that they have all the essential proteins, minerals and vitamins, play a huge role in that.” 

Lion’s mane is an edible mushroom with a crab-like texture that also carries medicinal properties for enhanced cognition, digestive health, mental health, and boosting immunity. Lion’s mane, along with many other mushroom varieties explored in this course, is fairly easy to grow at home once you know the basics of cultivation. “This is an actual skillset and once you have it, it’s yours for years. There’s not a lot that really changes about it, the names change and new techniques are discovered. But there’s this foundation with it and once you have that foundation, you are able to pivot to those big three areas that I mentioned in the beginning which would be food, medicine, or money. Or all three if you choose.” Imagine enjoying tasty lion’s mane “crab” cakes that pack a punch of flavor and medicine, all grown at home!

Fundamentals of Advanced Indoor Mushroom Growing is appropriate for people at any level of mushroom knowledge. Brandon will share tips, tricks, and techniques gained over the years that are guaranteed to cut your learning curve and help you start growing. Cost is $275. Join us on April 1, 2023 from 8:30am – 3pm. Register here.

Brandon Owen is an entrepreneur and mushroom-lover who calls upstate South Carolina home. Prior to working at Mushroom Mountain, he worked in corporate sales until the mycelial networks called him into a more nature-based way of life. At Mushroom Mountain, you can find him working in the lab, leading tours, making sales, and lending a hand with any job that needs to be done. Read full interview with Brandon here.

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