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Growing the Giant Milky – Calocybe indica

Growing Calocybe indica, the Giant Milky The Giant Milky (Calocybe indica) is a beautiful, edible mushroom from tropical climates grown in India, Vietnam and equatorial regions year-round. This gourmet and medicinal species can be grown in temperate climates for a few months out of the year either outdoors or in greenhouses to extend the warm

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How to Grow Paddy Straw Mushrooms – Volvariella volvacea

A Great Tasting and Prized Edible Paddy straw mushroom is a native species to East Asia, and it is very popular in Asian cuisine. It is a truly a tropical mushroom, and perfect for intense summer heat. You can grow it seasonally if you have a few weeks or months when nothing else will grow! 

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Cooking with Wild Mushrooms

When you are in the woods foraging, you are not really just looking for mushrooms, you are away from the daily grind, not really thinking about anything else but enjoying the nature and the wildness of it. No wonder the Japanese prescribe “Forest Bathing” as a form of mental care. The woods act on you

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Fruiting Mushrooms In Your Kitchen the Easy Way

Growing your own food is fulfilling, fun and educational. If you have planted up your logs and inoculated your garden with edible mushrooms this spring, your situation right now is that you have to wait for the mushrooms to fruit. Fruiting kits on the other hand fruit within a month of you receiving them in

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King Stropharia, The Garden Giant

How to Grow the Wine Cap Mushroom Stropharia rugoso-annulata King stropharia, or the wine cap mushroom takes its name from the rich wine like coloring of the cap in its younger button state. As it gets larger, it can lighten in cap color becoming a golden yellowish brown with age. The gills are a pale

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Using Mycorrhizae in Your Garden

Greetings everyone! Spring is in full swing in the South and on the way for everyone else across the United States, so seeding and gardens are going to be planted up soon, which means starting them the right way. Here at our home and Mushroom Mountain, we begin by using organic seeds, cuttings, or tubers

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Growing Shiitake On Logs

Getting to know the mushroom One of the most popular mushrooms that we sell here at Mushroom Mountain is the Shiitake mushroom. This is an amazing mushroom, and extremely easy to grow! We are going to share with you how to grow them on logs, how to boost their vitamin D as well as an

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fruiting map

What should I grow my mushrooms on?

What Does it Grow On and When Do I Plant It? Spring is here and the season of new growth is upon us! Many of you have asked about which mushrooms prefer what wood and when they fruit. Lucky for you we have a beautifully laid out page just for this! Our ZONE FRUITING MAP

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grow blue oysters

How to Cultivate Oyster Mushrooms with Recipe

How to Cultivate Oyster Mushrooms Agricultural Waste to Protein Culturing System * with delicious recipe on the bottom* We all know how hard it is around the world right now but let’s talk about things we can do. It’s an awesome time to build a new skill and learn how to produce food for you

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Coronavirus and Medicinal Mushroom Beneftis

Hope in hard times. With the coronavirus being a touchy subject (literally), it is still necessary to take precautions and be informed so that you can protect your family and yourself. Here at Mushroom Mountain we find natural remedies to be one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat symptoms from illnesses. The

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mycomatrix cordyceps

Mycomatrix Gets A Makeover

Two years after Mushroom Mountain released high quality liquid mushroom extracts, it was time to upgrade the artwork and finalize a cohesive design that will soon be adding more products into the MYCOMATRIX lineup. It all started when Olga released her amazing Elderberry Reishi Extract, which is great for traveling and keeping healthy fin the

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Delicious Blewit Soup

Picking blewits in the winter is lots of fun. There are not many other edible mushrooms to be picked in the cold months, but they take some time to find, being covered with leaf litter. Usually we find them in our secret spots, have a blast picking them, cause they are usually in large numbers.

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