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grow blue oysters

How to Cultivate Oyster Mushrooms with Recipe

How to Cultivate Oyster Mushrooms Agricultural Waste to Protein Culturing System * with delicious recipe on the bottom* We all know how hard it is around the world right now but let’s talk about things we can do. It’s an awesome time to build a new skill and learn how to produce food for you

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Coronavirus and Medicinal Mushroom Beneftis

Hope in hard times. With the coronavirus being a touchy subject (literally), it is still necessary to take precautions and be informed so that you can protect your family and yourself. Here at Mushroom Mountain we find natural remedies to be one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat symptoms from illnesses. The

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mycomatrix cordyceps

Mycomatrix Gets A Makeover

Two years after Mushroom Mountain released high quality liquid mushroom extracts, it was time to upgrade the artwork and finalize a cohesive design that will soon be adding more products into the MYCOMATRIX lineup. It all started when Olga released her amazing Elderberry Reishi Extract, which I carry around on the road since I travel

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Delicious Blewit Soup

Picking blewits in the winter is lots of fun. There are not many other edible mushrooms to be picked in the cold months, but they take some time to find, being covered with leaf litter. Usually we find them in our secret spots, have a blast picking them, cause they are usually in large numbers.

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Chanterelle Infused Vodka

I just made chanterelle vodka, it was sooooo easy. I am watching it and it is already turning a nice peach color. When it is done infusing, I am going to strain it through a coffee filter, and maybe find another recipe for the alcohol doused chanterelles. Yesterday I went to the liqour store and

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Plenty of Chanterelles

We have been so busy this year, and we didn’t do to well for the morel season in the spring, so Tradd and I were itching to get out and hunt some mushrooms. And it so paid off today. We got our morning chores done, packed up the dogs and set off to an adventure.

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Mushroom Tasting

Yesterday, Tradd and I went to the Clemson experimental forest, excited that we will find tons of mushrooms since it’s been raining a lot in the upstate. Our dogs enoki and wednesday joined us in the adventure. There are so many trails in that forest, we see tons of people mountain biking, horse riding, jogging,

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