Shroomy Holidays 2023

Tis the season to be spore-y! 🎅🍄 Embark on a mushroom-filled holiday journey with Mushroom Mountain filled with more fun(gi) than a basket of freshly foraged morels!

Immerse yourself in a world where reindeer are replaced with giant mushrooms (we’re still working on the flying part! 🦌🪽), and Santa’s elves are busy cultivating the best fruiting bodies this side of the North Pole. Welcome to our mushroom-filled holiday extravaganza, where the gifts are spore-tacular and the cheer is as infectious as mycelium!

To help you uncover a world of mushroom delights for you and your “SHROOMY” friends and family, we have put together some offerings for you, and please enjoy FREE SHIPPING year round! We’ve got a sleigh-load of mushroom marvels to share with you this season. So, strap on your foraging boots, adjust your amadou hat, and let’s get this mushroom party started!

Put a Fruiting Kit Under The Tree

🍄 Unleash the Magic: Grow Your Own Mushrooms with Indoor Fruiting Kits! 🍄

As the holiday season flies in with a flash, let Mushroom Mountain transform your kitchen counter into a thriving mushroom haven with our beginner-friendly indoor fruiting kits. Watch in amazement as fresh, nutritious mushrooms fruit right before your eyes, adding a touch of culinary magic to your home.

Easy-to-use and pre-wrapped in biodegradable packaging, our compact and convenient fruiting kits are the ideal gift for anyone on your nice list. Whether they reside in a cozy cottage or a bustling city apartment, help them nurture their inner mushroom maestro and embark on a journey of culinary discovery!

Spread the Joy of Mushroom Growing: Buy 3 Fruiting Kits, Get 1 FREE! As the festivities unfold, share the excitement of mushroom cultivation with our special holiday offer: Purchase 3 indoor fruiting kits and receive 1 absolutely free! Plus, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all your mushroom-growing essentials.

Click here or the picture above and grab your kit today. Let the mushroom magic begin!

Mushroom Mountain Tour

🌲 Mushroom Mountain Tours: Unearth the Magic of Mushrooms! 🍄

Curious about the whimsical world of mushrooms? Mushroom Mountain is your ultimate destination! Whether you’re a fungi aficionado, a culinary champ, a budding cultivator, or just mushroom-curious, our tours are tailored just for you.

Wander through our lab and fruiting rooms, where the secrets of spawn production and mushroom cultivation unfold. Along the way, delve into the wonders of myco-remediation and soil creation – it’s eco-science at its best!

But there’s more! Step onto our mushroom trail, where a mix of planted and wild mushrooms awaits. Each fruiting marvel you encounter will be a story in itself. Leave with a head full of mushroom knowledge and a heart full of awe.

Don’t miss our store decked out in holiday splendor 🎁 ! Discover a treasure trove of mushroom-themed books, spawn, and charming gifts, perfect for spreading the spores of joy this giving season.

Tour Options at Mushroom Mountain:

Public Tours: Join our monthly events for just $15/person. Kids under 4 join free (with their parents, of course)

Private Group Tours: Get Lizza as your personal tour guide! Suitable for 10 to 30 attendees, with special pricing for larger groups. Less than 10? No worries, we still have you covered.

Private School Tours: We adore educating young minds about fungi’s vital role on our planet. Tailored for education levels, these tours are just $7 per person.

All tours last about 1-1.5 magical hours. Ready to dive into the fascinating world of fungi? Click the here and book your Mushroom Mountain tour today. Let’s go on a spore-filled adventure together!

Bundles for your Boo

🌟 Mushroom Magic in a Box! Unbox Wellness with Our Special Fungi Gift Sets! 🍄✨

Are you ready to give the gift of good health wrapped in a little box of wonders? Our specially curated mushroom gift sets are here to sprinkle some spore-tacular magic into your gifting game! Discover the magic of mushrooms with MycoMatrix, your natural ally for stress relief and well-being. Our extract isn’t just another supplement; it’s a powerhouse of organic, adaptogenic mushroom goodness.

Why Choose MycoMatrix?

We use whole organic fruitbodies and our unique triple extraction process ensures a potent, high-quality supplement that stands out in a sea of ordinary.

Transform your daily routine with a splash of MycoMatrix. It’s more than a supplement; it’s a commitment to your health, crafted with the integrity and quality you expect from Mushroom Mountain.

  1. FUNGI FORCE for Energy: Unleash the power of mushrooms with this invigorating blend! Combining Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, and Shiitake, FUNGI FORCE is the perfect gift for anyone looking to boost their energy and vitality. Perfect for the go-getters in your life!
  2. SHROOMY SLUMBER for Sleep: This calming mix of Reishi and Lion’s Mane is tailored for those seeking restful nights. A thoughtful gift for loved ones needing a gentle nudge into dreamland.
  3. COGNISHROOM for Brain: Elevate mental clarity and focus with COGNISHROOM. This brain-boosting concoction of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Poria, and Mesima is ideal for students, professionals, or anyone looking to sharpen their cognitive skills. A smart choice for the thinkers and dreamers!
  4. FUNGI FORCE FAT FIGHTER for Weight Loss: Step up the weight loss journey with FUNGI FORCE FAT FIGHTER. A powerful mix of Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane, this set is designed for those committed to healthy living and weight management. A great way to support friends and family on their wellness path!

Elevate your well-being now! Click any of the bundle names above and embrace the rejuvenating power of MycoMatrix. Your journey to a more balanced life is just a click away!

Happy Holidays and stay tuned for our next email where we’ll dive deeper into the mushroom rabbit hole (or should we say, mushroom hole?). Until then, keep your spores high and your fungi close!


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