Mycomatrix Gets A Makeover

Two years after Mushroom Mountain released high quality liquid mushroom extracts, it was time to upgrade the artwork and finalize a cohesive design that will soon be adding more products into the MYCOMATRIX lineup. It all started when Olga released her amazing Elderberry Reishi Extract, which is great for traveling and keeping healthy fin the winter months. The Elderberry Extract bottle design had the look that we couldn’t resist to replace the entire MYCOMATRIX product line moving forward.

About the Design

The labels are designed with plants and animals that are associated with the mushrooms, the habitat they grow in, and even some natural spiritual imagery. The most obvious upgrade to the extracts is the prominent full-color mushroom illustrations that are front and center, eye-catching to say the least! Every design is different and there are many hidden components or feelings that can be expressed throughout each label. Take a look at each one and check them out for yourself!

mycomatrix reishi mycomatrix cordyceps
mycomatrix lionsmane mycomatrix maitake
mycomatrix turkey tail

About the Extracts – The Best You Can Buy!

We have made quite the improvement to our extraction process and equipment to improve and preserve the flavor of each mushroom. We use all organically grown fruiting bodies of mushrooms, and our alcohol is 100% Organic non-GMO sugar cane ethanol, which MOST if not ALL larger producers of mushroom extracts do not use. Check our label versus theirs, since myceliated grain is used for many other companies, you are paying for grain extract, not mushroom extract! We also use a triple extraction process that enhances the bioavailability and puts more of the medicinal compounds into the solution, creating a more potent product than many other available. All of our extracts are performed under laboratory conditions to ensure quality control and safety for you and the ones you love!

What is New in the MycoMatrix Lineup?

The best product development introduction is from Olga, who carefully crafted a test batch of wild organic Elderberries she grew, organic unfiltered honey, and reishi mushrooms that were extracted in aged brandy. The extract is strong but very sweet, and a perfect antidote to the crud and funky cold and flu season. Olga’s Elderberry Reishi Extract is already a big hit and we are having trouble keeping it in production since it sells out so quickly, so if you see it available and want it you better act quickly! Elderberries are well known for their antiviral properties, and combined with the Reishi extraction adds inflammation fighting and sugar regulation qualities that synergize well to create a potent elixir that will keep you from getting ill for days. Use it as a preventative when those around you begin to go ill and also more heavily when you feel that strange tickle in your throat or start to get sweats or chills. Treat it like a fire extinguisher and have it on hand before you need it!

There are more products in the pipeline that will be out soon, but we can’t spoil the secrets before the releases, we have a long list of product development, so we will be posting another notification of what we are up to when the products are finalized!



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