Enoki “Velvet Foot” – (Flammulina velutipes)

Enoki mushrooms, known mostly in Asia for it’s reported anti-cancer properties, are commonly added raw to hot soups. This one also is excellent sauteed lightly and mixed into salads. When grown in darkness and low light they resemble the commercial form, long and white albino mushrooms form. When grown outdoors under wild conditions the normal pigment is caramel brown, with a prominent dark and fuzzy stem base, to avoid confusing it with a deadly galerina! Edible and good with identification caution. Excellent edible medicinal mushroom. Wild specimens are a bit tougher in texture, but worth the medicinal properties to consume this one regularly! Best dried and powdered, then added to soups.Prefers cool to cold temperatures, we find most of our Enoki mushrooms at the end of the winter in the Southeastern US, but they can be found fruiting at higher elevations during summer months.

Edibility and TasteMeaty and sweet
Grows OnHardwood Logs and Stumps
Fruiting Temps40-55F