Mushroom Identification Classes

This class meets the criteria required by Health Departments for training in identification, food safety, record keeping, and traceability.

Founded in 2014. Under pressure from the FDA and each state’s health department or regulatory agency, Mushroom Mountain was asked in 2013 to design a Wild Mushroom Identification and Food Safety Course to satisfy the needs of all food agencies. After one year of course design and speaking to regulatory agencies, the course was officially adopted in 2014 in the state of South Carolina.

A few months after the first classes were offered the course was quietly audited by the FDA and given rave reviews and recommendations to other nearby states seeking to interpret and update the food code in regards to wild mushroom collection and sales. Today, the course is approved in 8 states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and New York.

Children over 12 years of age are eligible to take our classes. Please see here for more information:

Not All Certifications Are Created Equal

With the help of Lisa Turansky and Sara Clow, from Grow Food Carolina, Mushroom Mountain ‘s course has become the elite and most sought after multi-state certification in the United States, accepted by many states reviewing and accepting the course. Since the beginning of the Certification, Mushroom Mountain has been adding several more states to the certification approval in just under 3 years, improving the value of the course for attendees. Every year the materials and exams have been updated to reflect the species lists individually approved by each state.

I took your class this past weekend in Mills River – I thoroughly enjoyed the class. You are a great instructor and unbelievably knowledgeable. You take your profession seriously and I dig that. As a guy that’s instructed Special Operations guys, civilians, other government agencies, and kids (sometimes in different languages) for the last decade in things like Wilderness medicine and Prolonged Field Care to folks that aren’t always Special Operations Medics like myself, I can appreciate taking complicated material and distilling it to digestible parts.

This is a 5-year mushroom foraging permit that will allow for sale of wild, foraged mushrooms. The class is a 2 day event, hosted several times a year in different regions. Every state has slightly different rules, which are taught in each class by one of our 6 instructors. Signups will receive a study guide and slides 4 weeks ahead of the class.

  • Multiple state program
  • 5-year certification
  • Taught by approved and experienced instructors
  • Supplemental online courses on ID
  • Online recertification and program updates

This permit may be valid in other states that have adopted a Code 13 policy, your state can contact us (goes to to evaluate and approve this permit for your state’s food safety authority.

Absolutely hands down the best money ever spent…I participated in the most recent certification/licensing class…I’m a chef for a living and avid outdoorsman…this was the best continuing education class I could’ve ever chosen…I can now have confidence in my hobby and also make some money..

I just finished the certification class. That was an awesome experience. I’d recommend Mushroom Mountain to everyone!!

According to state law, wild foraged mushrooms species must be individually inspected and found to be safe by an approved mushroom identification expert that: (A) Has met the requirements of knowledge and passed an exam and (B) Will harvest only those mushrooms species listed here (links to the approved states page)


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We reserve the right to change the price of this class without any notice. Thank you for understanding. Email us at with any questions.