Chanterelle Infused Vodka

I just made chanterelle vodka, it was sooooo easy. I am watching it and it is already turning a nice peach color. When it is done infusing, I am going to strain it through a coffee filter, and maybe find another recipe for the alcohol doused chanterelles.

Yesterday I went to the liqour store and picked up 1.5 gallons of the plainest vodka I could find. The jug I used is 1 gallon, and I found it in the woods when Tradd and I were morel hunting. I knew it was going to come to a good use ?

— 1 gallon vodka
— enough fresh chanterelles that will fill up a quarter of your 1 gallon jug
— 1 gallon jug

— put the chanterelles into the jug
— pour the vodka over them
— close up the bottle, and let sit
— ready for drinking when all the chanterelles have sunk to the bottom of the jug

Here is another recipe that I am going to make later with the left over vodka, when Tradd bring me some caraway seeds from the store.

Recipe: Spiced Mushrooms in Alcohol
— 1 cup chanterelles
— 1 tsp caraway seeds
— 1 lemon
— 1 red chili
— 1.5 cups vodka

Combine all ingredients into a clean jar, pour vodka over them, when mushrooms stop floating, it is ready to serve. Chill before serving.

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1 thought on “Chanterelle Infused Vodka”

  1. It’s a long story, but I found your page this afternoon and I haven’t gotten much work done since. Strike that. I have fallen into deep appreciation for your website and the depth of information and joy of the wild. And you share recipes and make chanterelle infused pink vodka.
    I feel whole again and am so looking forward to learning about your work and the classes.
    For now, thank you so much for sharing our joy in all that is wild and especially those fun guy fungi.


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