Coronavirus and Medicinal Mushroom Beneftis

Hope in hard times.

With the coronavirus being a touchy subject (literally), it is still necessary to take precautions and be informed so that you can protect your family and yourself. Here at Mushroom Mountain we find natural remedies to be one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat symptoms from illnesses. The coronavirus is a fast spreading and highly contagious disease that has an especially high mortality rate amongst people over 50, but also affects young adults. Unfortunately it takes a
very long time to produce a vaccine, so for right now the best options are to encourage a healthy
lifestyle, diet, and taking medicinal plants and mushrooms to strengthen our immune systems and to
create herd immunity within our communities.

What can we do now?

Stephen Buhner recently published an article about the coronavirus that outlined an impressive amount of herbal remedies that will ease the specific symptoms and support your immune system. Keep in mind that this protocol is assuming that you have no pre existing conditions. If you are unsure if any of these herbs and mushrooms interfere with your daily medication please consult your physician. We are by no means doctors, this is not medical advice and this information is strictly to help guide you through this hard time. However these products have been known to support immunity and any support we can get at this time is needed. Some of the things he talks about is the cordyceps mushroom and the elder, here he says 

the virus specifically targets (and replicates within) ciliated cells, destroying the cells and their capacity to move mucus up and out of the lungs. (Cilia-protective herbs are Cordyceps spp, olive oil and leaf, any berberine containing plants, and Bidens pilosa.)”  Understanding that this isn’t our normal run of the mill flu is a key part of keeping yourself protected. Feel free to give this article a read it has excellent information. The link can be found at the bottom of this article.

( If you have an autoimmune disease, elderberry may interfere with medications that you are taking so please consult a physician before adding it to your daily regime)

A good friend of the Mushroom Mountain family and community herbalist Robin McGee says 

“ unless people have had a previous issue with elderberry I think they should still take it as a preventative and with early symptoms. Once it gets into the lungs Elderberry won’t do much, so I would stop it and take other herbs, depending on symptoms… Main things for prevention, as we already know, is stay at home, wash your hands, eat/drink warming foods /herbs/teas, keep the innards warm and fluids thin.”

To reiterate: Reishi fruiting body is immune modulating and an excellent thing to take to boost your immune system however if you are auto-immune it is advised that you to stop taking it in active flu state, but it is certainly beneficial as prophylactic

Using Natural Medicine To Boost Immunity.

While there may not be a cure for the virus the mushroom extracts and herbs mentioned here can be an awesome way to boost your immune system and support good lung health. The Reishi mushroom has antioxidants, beta glutens and polysaccharides that strengthens the immune system. That’s only a few things that our Reishi extract does for you. In Chinese medicine they have used Reishi for a very long time and for good reason!

“In traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi is known as an immune modulator, helping to bring the immune system back into a state of precious balance. This action is attributed to polysaccharides, the immune modulating actives that work to either stimulate or suppress the immune response as needed, making Reishi a great choice for long term immune system care.” 

In another article this author states

First of all, take an immunity booster every day such as reishi mushroom, the ultimate immune tonic. Reishi also has powerful anti-inflammatory effects not to mention it’s a rejuvenative to the lungs.” 

Let’s just call this one a no brainer. It’s an awesome way to throw in an extra layer of protection and build our inner defenses. 

What Else?

We have been making a unique immunity blend for a long time now and have increased production
to accommodate the demand and need to fulfill the action needed to protect our communities.
Anyone who has personally struggled with terrible bouts of yearly sickness has gotten a great amount
of relief using extracts that are made in our laboratory at Mushroom Mountain using premium
Organically grown fruitbodies in concentrations that are professionally calculated doses based on
research. All of the mushroom extracts that are used in this blend support the immune system and build that extra layer of defense that we so desperately need at this time.

We can take these natural resources to aid us in our hopeful and ever vigilant battle of staying well. Luckily there are a few things that we can abstain from doing that will help us stay well! Refrain from consuming alcohol, caffeine and smoking, living a healthy lifestyle is going to be a leading defense. 

Let’s also take a moment to discuss children and pets. We have frequently been asked if it is safe for children and animals to take our extracts and honey. In short the answer is: Yes, all of our extracts are safe for children, contain no known allergens (soy, nuts, dairy, etc) and you cannot overdose since they are not a purified drug (no LD50). Although it is too early to understand if
pets are or can become reservoir vectors for infectious viruses to humans, they are definitely a contact vector. Veterinarians have been giving pets medicinal mushrooms to pets and livestock for
over a decade to improve immunity and overall health.

A helpful reminder!

Let’s reflect for a moment on good sanitary measures. We know you know, but let us remind you one more time. Remember to wash your hands with warm water and soap! Washing your hands is going to help you remove any virus that you may touch while you’re out and about! Don’t touch your face, mouth, eyes or any other mucus membrane. That is going to spread any virus that you touch directly into your body and cause infection. Try your best to stay out of public and away from anyone that has traveled. If you must go out make sure that you’re following super sanitary procedures to keep you and everyone around you healthy and safe.

Staying Present Through Absence.

Call your parents and grandparents instead of going to see them to check on them. Everyone has FaceTime or Duo now and this is the perfect time to use this technology to your advantage. Keep your loved ones safe! People that are in the red zone for serious complications are usually not out and about the way the younger working class is. Let’s try and postpone our visit until everything clears up. If you find that a loved one is sick and you want to help them leave a package at their mailbox and let them know that it’s there. Tend to your friends and family in a hands off way! 

Take care of yourselves, stay safe and healthy.  We will be here rooting for the well being of all of mankind. Peace and love.

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