Morel “Blonde” – (Morchella americana)

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Morels are the most recognized and sought after mushroom on the planet, rivaling truffles in their elusiveness and difficulty in cultivation. Fortunately they are now being grown with some degree of success and luck, when you follow specific directions for the bed preparation. Blonde morels also like to associate with tree compatible with their microbial interactions, such as Ash, Elm, Tulip Poplar, and many more specific to your region. If you have these trees and no morels, try this technique to see if they will produce morels in your area. Will not fruit in climates experiencing less than 200 chill hours (total hours below 32 degrees F, check your weather data) at 4 inches depth. Making the beds are simple and inexpensive, and if they fruit you will have bragging rights to your very own private morel patch! This strain was isolated from Ash tree hosts. Since morels are hollow and have a pitted cap, they can be stuffed with cheese or ground meat, breaded and fried, then dipped in a honey mustard sauce. Mmmmmmm!

Edibility and TasteThey taste like morels. Earthy and exotic
Grows OnPrepared beds outdoors with sawdust and bran, near Ash trees Fruiting
Fruiting Temps52-56F
AvailabilityOctober to May