Blewit “Clemson” – (Lepista nuda)

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Blewits are lilac to purple mushrooms that can be found fruting during the fall and winter months. These need a heavy frost or freeze to initiate fruiting, so they will not fruit in tropical climates. Blewits taste mild and silky and are best sliced and seared before adding to creamy potato soup (add a dash of sherry)! A great recycler of hardwood leaves and compost, we have mixed this into our kitchen compost, shredded leaves, and mulched it into our vegetable garden, where it fruits. Two flushes a few weeks apart is normal. Beautiful purple-lilac caps. Spore print is white. Blewits can resemble a Cortinarius (rusty orange spore print) so take a spore print to correctly identify.

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Edibility and TasteMeaty and sweet with a silky texture
Grows OnHardwood leaf compost or Composted livestock manure
Fruiting TempsFruits after first freeze and during cold months (30-45F)