Paddy Straw “Horse Straw” – (Volvariella volvacea)

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A tropical mushroom that fruits only above 80F and actually prefers 90+F, this protein rich species is widely cultivated in Asia on rice straw, but can be grown on many other slightly composted, dried vegetable wastes. This mushroom fruits quickly, typically in 5-7 days from spawning! The mushrooms form in eggs so they should be grown on a plastic barrier or in containers to avoid confusing with poisonous or deadly amanitas that associate with tree roots. A great tasting edible and prized in Asian markets, dried Paddy Straw can achieve protein contents of 38-42%! This culture will die under refrigeration or if temperatures drop below 50F for over a week, truly a tropical mushroom, but perfect for intense summer heat, it can be grown seasonally if you have a few weeks or months when nothing else will grow! For information on how to grow the Paddy straw mushroom, please click here

Edibility and TasteMeaty and Savory, Silky
Grows On

Composted straw and cotton waste

Fruiting Temps80F-110F
AvailabilitySummer Months (June-August)