Parasol – (Amerilepiota procera)

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Parasol mushrooms can be found in most temperate climates worldwide, and are easy to identify since they are tall have a slightly shaggy, brown cap. Green spored parasol (poisonous with green spores), looks similar, however the true edible parasol has a spore print that is whitish cream, not green. These mushrooms are commonly cultivated by ants, and prefer the edges of lawns, near tree lines, drip zones around vegetation, and enjoy composting grass or hardwood mulch. We sprinkle sawdust spawn along the edge of our yard just before a rain and let nature take over, or prepare a compost bed made from aged hardwood mulch. The caps of this mushroom are delicious, stems can be dried and powdered. Most Parasol recipes recommend dipping entire caps in a lightly salted egg mixture and powdered cracker meal, then frying to a golden brown. They make an extremely tasty mushroom chip and can be dipped in a Cajun mayo sauce!
Edibility and TasteNutty and Earthy
Grows On

Hardwood mulch, leaves, and composting grass clippings

Fruiting Temps60-70F (Late summer to early fall)