King Oyster – (Pleurotus eryngii)

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King Oyster – (Pleurotus eryngii) taste exactly like the freshest scallops you could ever dream of and can become addictive. The entire mushroom is basically an enlarged, tender stem, that when laid on its side and sliced into thick dials, can be sautéed with butter, basil nd a dash of salt to produce an amazing dish. Great mushroom for anyone with shellfish allergies that wish they could eat shrimp or other seafood, this mushroom has a hard time making it to the dinner table, where most are plucked directly from the pan when no one is looking. Cultivating this mushroom is more difficult that regular oyster mushrooms, but well worth it when you get the hang of it. It prefers pasteurized straw or sterilized sawdust grown indoors, and typically likes cooler weather, so avoid trying to grow this one in the dead of summer unless you are using well insulated grow rooms. We have not had any problem selling these for $20 per pound and are much safer than some seafood!

Edibility and TasteLike Scallops with butter and basil, dash of salt
Grows On

Hardwood sawdust or agricultural waste indoors

Fruiting Temps50-65F