Jack O’Lantern – (Omphalotus olearius)

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Jack O’Lanterns are bioluminescent mushrooms that possess the ability to produce Luciferase, an enzyme responsible for the glowing gills, which is an ATP/Phosporylation pathway. This pathway can be useful for studying the effects of chemical pollutants, organophosphate runoff from herbicides and fertilizers, and other naturally or man-made compounds. We use this mushroom and culture to produce novel antibiotics and for mycoremediation experiments. POISONOUS, NOT FOR CONSUMPTION, ORNAMENTAL ONLY. Excellent for nature trails and just a beautiful mushroom to be admired and viewed in the dark!

Edibility and TastePOISONOUS – NOT EDIBLE
Grows OnHardwood Logs, Buried
Fruiting Temps60-70F