Tiger Sawgill (Lentinus tigrinus)

A crunchy, nutty native relative to the US and with global distribution, this is a cousin to the widely cultivated Shiitake. it is currently being researched for it’s ease of cultivation, rapid life cycle, and similarity in the flavor to the woodsy Shiitake. Cultivate on hardwood logs outdoors and on supplemented hardwood sawdust blends. Caps are edible, but the stems are tough and can be dried and powdered. We are also using this mushroom for mycoremediation experiments due to its high tensile strength, making this culture a great candidate for site-runoff or mycofiltration modules! This mushroom is showing strong antibacterial properties in the lab at Mushroom Mountain and one of our favorite fungi to experiment with for many other applications.

Edibility and TasteCrunchy and Nutty
Grows OnHardwood Logs
Fruiting Temps75-90F