Shaggy Mane – (Coprinus comatus)

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Shaggy Manes are super easy to identify for beginners, and are typically harvested in the morning, since they literally “melt’ by midday. Shaggies prefer composted livestock manure but can also fruit on composted straw and grasses. Preferring cooler nights, this one can fruit just about anytime of year the temperature drops after a long warm period, so typically in the fall or in late summer at higher elevations. Since they don’t store well, they are typically not sold since they have no shelf life. You can store the buttons submerged in cold water in the refrigerator for a few days, but these are best consumed the same day, and have a wonderful crunchy texture when fresh and young, demanding a spontaneous culinary creation! Pairs well with eggs and can also be battered and fried for a crispy treat.
Edibility and TasteLike asparagus
Grows OnComposted manure, straw, or grasses
Fruiting Temps45-60F