Almond Portabella – (Agaricus blazei = A.brasiliensis)

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Have composted livestock manure or can get it? Try cultivating this highly medicinal and choice edible relative of the regular portabella, which is easier to grow at home than its store-bought cousins. This species is now making its way to local markets from small growers wishing to diversify their farms. It can also be grown on a small scale, preferring manure-rich composted straw media in outdoor beds or indoors in buckets and trays. The mushroom bruises a beautiful yellow, with a strong flavor of almonds and a reported immune-boosting activity makes this worth growing at home or commercially! Cold-sensitive, it should only be grown during warmer months or in tropical climates year-round. Try it sliced, sautéed in oil, and paired with tenderloin. The young buttons can also be stuffed with a mixture of crabmeat and breadcrumbs, brushed with oil, and baked or grilled.

Edibility and Taste Meaty and has the strong aroma and flavor of almond extract.
Grows On Composted livestock manure mixed with cereal straw(optional). Also can naturalize in your home kitchen compost pile.
Fruiting Temps Prefers 70-90F and produces two rapid flushes starting around 60 days.
Availability April-September (cold climates) Year-Round (By special request to warm regions)