Beefsteak Polypore – (Fistulina hepatica)

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Beefsteak mushrooms are now cultivated in Europe on a small scale indoors, we are offering this hard to find clone on plugs so you can grow your own outdoors! The Beefsteak is a beautiful, juicy polypore that resembles fresh cut steak when sliced. Marbled and meaty, it has a lemony, tangy flavor that can be grilled, pickled, or dehydrated and made into Beefsteak Jerky! A weak parasite of oak trees, this one is safe to cultivate since it only attacks trees that are injured or falling ill. Cultivate on stumps and oak rounds that are partially buried so they wick water up to the tender fruitbodies. This mushroom is high in vitamin C!

Edibility and TasteLemony and meaty
Grows OnHardwood Logs, rounds or stumps. Also fruits on supplemented sawdust indoors
Fruiting Temps60-70F