• Shimeji "brown" - (Hypsizygus tessulatus) - 5lb

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    Brown Shimeji, with its beautiful watermarked cap, almost cracked or marbled appearance like a tortoise shell, is a crunchy and sweet mushroom that is wonderful sautéed with onions and draped over salads or meat dishes. Related to the Elm Oyster, this mushroom has a true stem and the gills do not descend the stalk. It can grow outdoors on partially buried logs or indoors on supplemented sawdust formulas. Anticancer compounds have been isolated from Hypsizygus as well as antifungal properties.
    Edibility and taste: Crunchy and Sweet
    Grows on: Hardwood logs and sawdust
    Fruiting Temps: 55-65F
    Availability: Year-round