Glowing Panellus – (Panellus stipticus)

A small, luminescent, gilled mushroom native to the US mostly found on the East Coast on deciduous hardwood logs and stumps. The gills of Glowing Panellus glow brightly in complete darkness. A great conversation mushroom, for educational trails demonstrating bioluminescence. Not edible, this small mushroom can also dry out and rehydrate repeatedly between rainfall, and … Read more

Chicken of the Woods – (Laetiporus spp.)

Previous slide Next slide Most of our Chicken of the woods strains are isolated from native stock on the East Coast of the U.S., meaning they prefer hardwoods, specifically varieties of oak. Chicken of the woods is a polypore, with no gills, and is best harvested young by slicing the outermost tender, silky tissue on … Read more

Birch Polypore “Blue Ridge” – (Piptoporus betulinus)

A firm, corky, hoof-shaped bracket mushroom, this unique fungus has shown strong antibacterial activity, making it a good candidate for making powders and extracts for tinctures. Traditionally used as a medicinal mushroom, this strain of the Iceman Polypore was isolated from a prolific fruiting in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The mushroom is typically not consumed, … Read more

Blewit “Clemson” – (Lepista nuda)

Previous slide Next slide Blewits are lilac to purple mushrooms that can be found fruting during the fall and winter months. These need a heavy frost or freeze to initiate fruiting, so they will not fruit in tropical climates. Blewits taste mild and silky and are best sliced and seared before adding to creamy potato … Read more

Black Poplar “Piopinno” – (Agrocybe aegerita)

Previous slide Next slide Black Poplar, or “Piopinno” in Italian, is a clustering, meaty mushroom with a nutty and crunchy flavor, it prefers hardwood logs half-buried lengthwise in a wooded or garden setting that is shady and can sometimes naturalize into wood chip piles outdoors. These will also fruit on supplemented, sterilized sawdust indoors. Black … Read more