• Paddy Straw "Horse Straw” - (Volvariella volvacea) - 5lb

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    A tropical mushroom that fruits only above 80F and actually prefers 90+F, this protein rich species is widely cultivated in Asia on rice straw, but can be grown on many other slightly composted, dried vegetable wastes. This mushroom fruits quickly, typically in 5-7 days from spawning!  The mushrooms form in eggs so they should be grown on a plastic barrier or in containers to avoid confusing with poisonous or deadly amanitas that associate with tree roots. A great tasting edible and prized in Asian markets, dried Paddy Straw can achieve protein contents of 38-42%! This culture will die under refrigeration or if temperatures drop below 50F for over a week, truly a tropical mushroom, but perfect for intense summer heat, it can be grown seasonally if you have a few weeks or months when nothing else will grow!
    Edibility and taste: Meaty and Savory, Silky
    Grows on: Composted straw and cotton waste
    Fruiting Temps: 80F-110F
    Availability: Summer Months (June-August)