Cultivating Oyster Mushrooms With Mushroom Mountain’s Coffee Cultivator Kit

Blog by: Ben Feria, MM Editor Did you know that, from the coffee grounds used to make your regular cup of coffee, only 1% of the morning java in your mug is actually from the biomass of the coffee grounds used? The rest is tossed into the trash. Ambitious spirits may think to themselves, what … Read more

Which Oyster Mushroom Should I Choose to Cultivate and Other Useful Facts

Oyster mushrooms, scientifically known as Pleurotus spp. are delicious, full of flavor and considered a medicinal food. There are so many awesome varieties, and they all have a difference in taste, smell and consistency. There are around 202 edible species within the pleurotus family, with Pearl oysters being the most common in North America. Having … Read more